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Chemical Plant

Meet CBL’s Unit where the lithium compounds are produced

Spodumene concentrate is received from Mina da Cachoeira, located 180 km far from our site at Divisa Alegre. The production of lithium compounds uses the acid route developed specifically to our conditions.


The production process of Lithium Carbonate, the basic compound for the other lithium derivatives, starts with decrepitating the Spodumene from alpha to beta, making it open to acid digestion. After decrepitating it is milled and sulfated by sulfuric acid.

This material is leached with water, its pulp is filtered, and the solid waste settled is stored. The separated solution is purified to be treated with sodium carbonate in order to precipitate  Lithium Carbonate.

The mother liquor of carbonate centrifugation, later recycled to recover the residual Lithium, is basically a sodium sulfate solution containing soluble Lithium; after cooling, decahydrate sodium sulfate is precipitated and dehydrated in a dryer to obtain the co-product sodium sulfate anhydrous.

Chemical Process

Part of wet Lithium Carbonate is dried, chilled and packed for shipments. The remainder, still wet, is sent to the production process of Lithium Hydroxide.

The production process of Lithium Hydroxide consists of preparing a pulp of Lithium Carbonate and then add calcium hydroxide . The following phase is a solid-liquid separation between the diluted Lithium hydroxide solution and the solid waste.

The diluted solution is evaporated, concentrated and filtered before chilling to crystallize the monohydrated Lithium hydroxide. Then it is separated by centrifugation and packed in plastic bags or cardboard barrels for shipments.

Capacity: 1,500 tpy of Lithium Carbonate Equivalent (LCE)

Process Diagram

Know CBL’s process diagram for the production of Lithium Carbonate Technical/Battery Grade and Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrated

Units of SP/DA/AR

Units of SP/DA

Units of SP/DA

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