Companhia Brasileira de Lítio (CBL) is based on values of ethics and integrity in all its relationships with collaborators, partners, investors, suppliers, clients, government bodies, and the general public.

Through commitment and transparency, CBL continuously displays and strengthens the highest ethical standards, reflected on its established reputation among customers, suppliers, investors, and the community and their trust.

Its actions established are aligned to the set of best practices and social behaviors with the main purpose of detecting and solving conduct deviations, irregularities, and unlawful acts.

CBL’s maintenance of ethical standards is done by observing and complying with the laws, standards, and procedures applicable in all its spheres of activity through rigorous and responsible conduct at all company levels, strengthening its corporate governance framework with integrity, competence, efficiency, and competitiveness.

In this context, we highlight a new Code of Conduct and Ethics, which is available for download on our platform in the link below:

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