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Meet CBL’s products and their applications

We control quality along whole process of mining and chemical plant, including analysis of all raw materials and consumables, quality checking at intermediary phases and assaying of products.

Our products were qualified by very quality rigorous customers in Japan, China and Germany. We apply different methods of chemical and sizing assays, including atomic absorption and laser sizer.

Our Mining Unit was granted the ISO 9001-2015 Certificate and the Chemical Unit is at the final phase to be granted.

CBL has been obtaining excellent results in the regular evaluation of suppliers conducted by our main customers.


New products

CBL has been working on a R&D program for exploiting its mineral and chemical co-products, including feldspar, quartz and mica, and specially the development of a beneficiation process for aluminum silicate, preparing this product to be used by plastic, rubber and paint producers.

Units of SP/DA/AR

Units of SP/DA

Units of SP/DA

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